Chest Pain Following An Automobile Accident

September 13, 2012

Explaining the different symptoms and injuries related to chest pain.

When it comes to injuries and internal problems sustained from an automobile accident, there are few things that can prompt more worry and nervousness than pain around your chest. Not only is this one of the most important areas in our body, both for our health and our continued safety, but it also plays home to some of our most significant and fragile organs and bones.

The inside of our chest contains many body parts that are essential to our functions as a human being. For instance, it plays home to our heart, our lungs and our ribs. When any of these areas of our bodies are injured, whether it be a minor bruise or a cracked bone, it can mean dangerous and serious consequences for our health and well-being.

Unfortunately, abdominal pain, heart pain, lung pain and chest injuries are all common consequences of being involved in a serious automobile accident. While seatbelts are a major factor in causing bruising and pressure injuries around our chest area, the impact of the collision can also cause our chest to be forced against the steering wheel or dash of our vehicle, causing many serious injuries.

Here is some more information about the common types of injuries that may be sustained as a result of an automobile accident, along with their most common symptoms and side effects:

Abdominal Injuries

There are many different abdominal problems that can surface as a result of a serious car crash, such as internal bleeding, damage to internal organs, a ruptured spleen or a ruptured abdominal aorta. However, perhaps the most common type of abdominal injury caused by an auto accident is broken ribs.

Most of the time, a broken rib is only broken in one place and is considered an “incomplete fracture”―a fracture that does not go all the way through the bone. Common symptoms of a broken rib include severe pain when breathing, tenderness to the chest or rib area, or a crunchy, broken feeling under the skin.

Heart Problems

There is nothing more frightening than an injury to the most important organ in our body, the heart. However, impacting your chest against the steering wheel during an auto accident can cause frequent, but often undiagnosed heart injuries. Injuries to the heart often go overlooked after a car crash because there is usually no external signs of injury.

The most common type of injury sustained to the heart during an auto accident is a myocardial contusion, or bruising. This type of heart injury can cause arrhythmias, or other electrocardiographic abnormalities resembling an infarction. It’s also important to note that most symptoms of a heart injury may not appear until a few weeks or months after an auto accident.

Lung Pain

Another common injury sustained from an automobile accident is lung pain. A punctured lung, or pneumothorax, can occur when the lung membrane is punctured, usually due to a broken rib during a car crash. If this injury is left untreated, it may lead to a lung collapse or many other serious injuries, including fatal conditions.

Whether you have suffered from abdominal pain, lung pain or heart pain following an automobile accident, it is important have a medical doctor thoroughly examine you in order to properly treat your injuries. Contact Sall Myers Medical Associates today to ensure that your chest pain is taken care of and that you can move on from your auto injuries.


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