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Safety First


Sall Myers Safety Protocol

It is critical that we maintain an even more safe environment with the new reality of COVID-19. The staff will safely serve all our patients’ needs to navigate them from diagnosis to wellness.


These safety practices are based on the CDC Guidelines for the COVID-19 virus and will be carried out on a regular basis. As part of our precautionary measures for a safe environment this will include:

  • Pre-Screening - All employees and Patients will have their temperatures measured prior to entry.

  • Face Masks - All Employees and Patients must wear Face Masks at all times.

  • Social Distance - All Employees and Patients should practice social distancing of 6 feet as examination duties permit.

  • Disinfect and Clean - Disinfecting and wipe downs of examination rooms and bathrooms after each use. Disinfect and wipe work spaces, waiting rooms and common areas after activity along with shared electronic equipment routinely.

Our Patients' comfort and safety has been something we have practiced for over 50+ years and now more than ever we have doubled down on that protocol.

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