Accident Injury Care Services

When injury occurs, it is often unexpected. You now have the task of dealing with life’s routine as well as the pain and injury. At Sall Myers Medical Associates, our experienced bilingual staff is mindful of this. From the instant you walk through our doors, until the moment you leave, a trained and qualified medical assistant will assist you every step of the way. We are your one-stop personal injury medical clinic.


Sall Myers Medical Associates has locations in NJ to serve you more efficiently and more effectively. All are located in a 10 mile radius and are set up so we can help as many people as possible while still maintaining the expert care and service you have come to expect from Sall Myers Medical Associates.

Our one-stop treatment facilities are staffed with Board Certified Physicians who come from prestigious medical schools across the country with residencies and fellowships in an array of specialties.

We have on-site open MRI services to provide patients with a comfortable and non-claustrophic environment during examination. It’s open gantry design allows easy access from all four sides enabling effortless scanning of even the most anxious or large patient. Sall Myers is accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Our New Jersey offices are located in Elmwood Park, NJ, Fort Lee, NJ, Paterson NJPassaic, NJ, New Brunswick, NJ, Irvington NJ, Union City, NJ, Parsippany, NJ, and Union, NJ.

Our services

Our on-site open MRI machine can get a clear picture of your internal organs and structures without the discomfort and noise of a traditional tunnel-shaped MRI unit. Learn more.

Neurological injuries can be very serious, since the brain and nervous system control everything else the body does. Learn more.

After an injury or an accident, Physical Therapy can mean the difference between having limited range of movement, not being able to move at all, or being completely back to normal. Learn more.

If you have pain, weakness or numbness in your back, neck or hands, measuring the speed and degree of electrical activity in your muscles and nerves can help your doctor make a diagnosis. This process, electrodiagnostic testing, can often be done in less than an hour. Learn more.

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Radiology & X-Ray

Our diagnostic imaging services are on-site at Sall Myers, saving you time and travel. We have the capability to accurately diagnose your injury in a timely manner. Learn more.

Our experienced orthopedic staff can treat many different types of auto accident injuries, from a simple sprain or broken bone to a much more serious back or neck injury. Learn more.

A critical part of any recovery, pain management is often difficult. Many patients are insufficiently treated for pain though with referral to a pain management specialist, suffering can be alleviated. Learn more.

Physical injuries are often the only injuries treated after an accident, but frequently not the only pain you may have to deal with after an accident. Learn more.

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Please call us at 866-609-4448 to schedule your consultation, or fill out our Quick Contact Form.

New Patients & Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1-866-609-4448

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