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Injury Treatment

Injury Treatment

An auto accident injury can be a scary experience, especially when you don′t know what to expect next. We′re here to address your questions about various types of injury treatment, so you know what to expect when you come into the office. At Sall Myers, our bilingual staff is equipped to handle many different types of accident injuries.

Physical therapy will assist you as you recover from any accident injury that may impact how your body normally functions. Learn more.

In many situations, the proper application of massage to an injury can increase the speed of patient recovery. Learn more.

Knee physical therapy can help restore strength and pain-free motion to the area after surgery or a car accident knee injury. Learn more.

When you suffer a pinched nerve, your treatment options vary depending on the cause and severity of the injury. Learn more.

When you suffer a torn rotator cuff, you have two treatment options: surgical and nonsurgical. Learn more.

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Tendonitis can often be remedied with more conservative measures. Learn more.

Spinal cord damage is generally irreversible and permanent. Learn more.

In 90% of patients, a herniated disc will heal completely without need for surgery. Learn more.

Frozen shoulder may occur after you are injured in a traumatic auto accident, especially if you are a female between the ages of 40 and 60. Learn more.

Orthopedic surgery is often needed when physical therapy fails to improve an injury. Learn more.

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