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Sall Myers in Paterson, NJ

Passaic County
Paterson, NJ

Sall Myers Medical Associates
100 Hamilton Plaza, Ground Floor
Paterson, NJ 07505

NEW PATIENTS CALL: (866) 609-4448
Patient Treatment (3rd Floor)

Main Phone & Treatment: (973) 278-6254

Treatment Fax: (973) 279-8569

Imaging (Ground Floor)
Imaging Main Phone: (973) 279-6195
Imaging Fax: (973) 279-8568

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Sall Myers Accident Injury Care in Paterson, NJ

Sall Myers Medical Associates is your one stop treatment facility and will provide for all your car accident or personal injury needs. We provide evaluations and treatments for all types of injuries throughout Northern New Jersey. In some instances, same day appointments are available upon request with evaluation and treatment reports available in 48 hours or less.


If you’ve been in an accident or suffered a personal injury in New Jersey and need treatment, please call us at 866-609-4448 or fill out our contact form for a consultation.

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