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Advanced Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

After an injury or an accident, physical therapy (also called physiotherapy) can mean the difference between having limited range of movement, not being able to move at all, or being completely back to normal.


The board certified doctors and therapists at Sall Myers Medical Associates are experts at evaluating your injury, determining the level of damage, planning the perfect therapy plan, and executing both your therapy and your after care. They are kind, professional, and experts in what they do.

Our range of Physical Therapy includes:


  • Physical therapy for whiplash. After the initial stages have subsided, one method of whiplash treatment is physical therapy. Through stretching exercises, doctors can alleviate pain and stiffness.

  • Physical therapy for spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injury treatment varies from person to person, because no two people will be affected the same. However, most spinal cord injuries require advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation. The physiotherapy exercises for these types of injuries mainly focus on muscle strengthening.

  • Physical therapy for breaks and fractures. Physical therapy for breaks and fractures often starts during the time period when the affected body part is immobilized (in a cast, sling, etc.). Since the muscles surrounding the affected area aren’t being used, they often become tight or weak. Once you’ve had time to heal, the exercises become more about regaining strength in the injured body part.

  • Physical therapy for a dislocated shoulder. After the pain and swelling in a dislocated shoulder go down, many doctors prescribe physical therapy to strengthen muscles and restore the range of motion you had pre-injury. By strengthening the muscles in your shoulder, you reduce the risk of dislocating it again in the future.

The Sall Myers Medical Associates team of Board Certified physicians are dedicated to giving you the best accident care and treatment as effectively and efficiently as possible.

With 50 years of successful medical treatments, Sall Myers continues to be the premiere accident injury treatment facility in New Jersey.

With convenient locations in NJ, we bring quality medical care to you. Sall Myers has become the most trusted accident injury service provider. That’s because we bring a level of commitment and expertise that can only be acquired through the specialized experience that Sall Myers offers.

For more information about Physical Therapy for Accident Injuries or any of our other accident injury services, fill out our Quick Contact form or give us a call at 866-609-4448.

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