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Pain Management

Pain Management

A critical part of any recovery, proper pain management is often difficult. In fact, many patients are insufficiently treated for pain. However, with referral to a pain management specialist, suffering can be alleviated. This is particularly essential in cases like the following, where the accident injuries can result in intense pain.


Pain management for whiplash

Although whiplash is not a life-threatening injury, it can be extremely painful and debilitating. A widely used treatment for whiplash injuries is pain management medication combined with physiotherapy.

Pain management guidelines

In some cases, it may be necessary to prescribe a controlled substance as pain management medication. A controlled substance is simply a medication whose possession and usage is monitored by the government, usually because it has a risk of abuse or addiction. In such a situation, we would thoroughly explain the benefits and risks of such medication to you. Our pain management doctors would also regularly evaluate and modify your treatment in this situation.

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Our pain management doctors are available to help you best handle your pain and improve and ease your recovery. The Sall Myers Medical Associates team of Board Certified physicians are dedicated to giving you the best accident care and treatment as effectively and efficiently as possible.

With 50 years of successful medical treatments, Sall Myers continues to be the premiere accident injury treatment facility in New Jersey. With convenient locations in NJ, we bring quality medical care to you. Sall Myers has become the most trusted accident injury service provider. That’s because we bring a level of commitment and expertise that can only be acquired through the specialized experience that Sall Myers offers. Count on us to deliver you the best care possible.

For more information about Accident Pain Management or any of our other accident injury services, fill out the contact form or give us a call at 866-609-4448 for a consultation.

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