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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

An auto accident injury can be a scary experience, especially when you don′t know what to expect next. We′re here to address your questions about various types of injury treatment, so you know what to expect when you come into the office. At Sall Myers, our bilingual staff is equipped to handle many different types of accident injuries.

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Why would I need orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is often needed when physical therapy fails to improve an injury, or when a body part is damaged to the extent that physical therapy would only cause more harm than good.

Orthopedic surgery can treat damage from a car accident injury to the bones, muscles, and other parts of the skeletal system. Some of the most common procedures include:


What are the different types of orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is often performed via arthroscopy. With this method, a doctor makes a very small incision and performs the surgery while guided by a small camera inserted through this incision. Most arthroscopic surgeries are outpatient procedures. Sometimes, a patient who chooses local or regional anesthesia may be able to view his or her procedure as it is performed. With this type of procedure, you are usually done and able to go home within a few hours.


Open surgery is also an option for orthopedic. For certain types of procedures, you will obtain better results this way than with arthroscopic surgery. Incisions can still remain relatively small in size. Recovery time and type of rehabilitation depends on the type and severity of injury you had, not on the type of surgery performed.

Are there possible complications associated with orthopedic surgery?

As with any type of surgery, there is at least a small risk of complication associated with the procedure. Normal post-operative conditions include:

  • Increased pain or swelling immediately following surgery

  • Fever for one or two days following surgery

  • A minor amount of bleeding


If you experience ongoing pain and swelling, your fever doesn’t subside by the second day, or your wound is bleeding excessively, contact a doctor immediately.


What can I expect from orthopedic surgery recovery?

This depends on the type of injury you endured and where on your body you had surgery. For example, many knee surgery patients will need crutches or another walking aid, and may or may not be able to drive depending on which knee was affected. Shoulder surgery patients often find it more comfortable to sleep in a reclining chair or propped up in bed for the first few nights. Your doctor will consult with you on what to expect specifically from your particular surgery.


If you’ve been in a car accident in New Jersey and need an orthopedic surgery consultation, please call us at 866-609-4448 or fill out our contact form.

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