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Before medical treatment can begin, doctors often need to view x-rays and other forms of diagnostic imaging. Tests are critical to proper diagnosis, treatment, and a successful ongoing plan for treating your injury and managing pain. At Sall Myers, our radiology services staff will make sure you not only have the tests you need, but results you can trust to be timely, accurate, and helpful. With our onsite radiology lab, you almost never have to go to another practice to get what you need.

An x-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation. These rays are similar to the light waves that our eyes can detect, except with a much, much higher energy. Soft tissue in the human body cannot absorb this type of high energy, so it passes through these areas without stopping. Areas that cannot absorb x-rays appear black on the printed x-ray film. Denser materials, like calcium in our bones, absorb these high-energy rays and appear white on printed x-ray film. It’s a fast and easy test, but also completely painless.

Most people have had an x-ray examination before. Although commonly associated with broken bones, this technology is also used in a variety of preventive health care, from dental checkups to mammograms. Chest x-rays are also a very common procedure, and can diagnose pulmonary problems (in and surrounding the lungs).

Practices often rely on another facility’s radiological services, so your procedure is limited by a number of factors. Schedules may be packed, results may be sent over slowly, and you may have to travel around from place to place with a painful injury. At Sall Myers Medical Associates, our radiologists are on-site. This allows for faster scheduling and quicker results.

Our x-ray services staff and doctors are experienced in car accident injury diagnosis and care. Sall Myers Medical Associates is accredited by the American College of Radiology.

The Sall Myers Medical Associates team of Board Certified physicians are dedicated to giving you the best accident care and treatment as effectively and efficiently as possible. With 50 years of successful medical treatments, Sall Myers continues to be the premiere accident injury treatment facility in New Jersey.


With convenient locations in NJ, we bring quality medical care to you. Sall Myers has become the most trusted accident injury service provider. That’s because we bring a level of commitment and expertise that can only be acquired through the specialized experience that Sall Myers offers. Count on us to deliver you the best care possible.

For more information about Accident Injury Diagnosis through radiology or any of our other accident injury services, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 866-609-4448 for an appointment.

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